Is Adore Me Legit or Scam? (Adore Me Reviews)

Hey, do you have a spot open for an adorer? If yes, then I think that Adore Me will be perfect to fill the spot.

Let me tell you why. Well, Adore Me is genuinely waiting to adore the women like you, who are getting stronger daily.

Their top-notch products and service are organized keeping YOU in their minds.

But the question remains, is Adore Me legit? Let me help you find the answer in this article.

Adore Me Reviews

This company of women’s intimate apparel launched its brand in 2012. In its 10 years of journey, it has earned much love from its customers.

This brand was formed by Morgan Hermand-Waiche and is based in New York City, USA.

This brand is a direct-to-customer brand that works with the mindset of loving and respecting every individual woman out there.

Adore Me promotes unity and promises to be there by you forever. One of their missions is to support and celebrate each woman’s best life. They want you to feel happy and confident in your own skin.

You will be happy knowing that this brand is very concerned about the environment. In the year 2019, they started the sustainability protocol which motivates them to design products with recycled materials.

Is Adore Me Legit?

Well, Adore Me’s legitimacy may be questioned because of their lousy deal of canceling membership. But later when they changed it, the answer became clearer.

Adore Me is legit. They have launched some sister brands like Risa Plus, Essentials, Heylin Contour and more in the business world. Moreover, the suppliers of this brand are renowned as well. Their suppliers are Bennette, Scavi and MAS Holdings.

Adore Me Products

Adore Me has an exciting collection of lingerie, swimwear and panties. Their products are designed to be unique, eco-friendly and comfortable.

Their products can lift your mood and boost your confidence in any situation. They assure you go with the style and be happy with your shape and skin.

They not only have fun and themed lingeries but also casual and regular undergarments. Adore Me also has shapewear, legwear, sleepwear like robes, pajamas, lounge suits and more. You can find pretty and saucy bridal wear too!

In their collection, there are 77 sizes! Numerous, right?

Trust me, their stylish designs and color combination made me say, “WOW”. I suggest you visit their store and can amaze yourself!

Adore Me Products Price

Well, you wanna know what comes after the designs for me? Sales!!!

You won’t believe how generous Adore Me is in the matter of discounts. In your first purchase, you get a flat 50% discount!

They have discounts on many other levels as well. In an exclusive welcome offer, you get a 45% in one set. For two sets it’s 45% and for three sets it’s 50%!

In the best sellers section and other sections, you can find many other discounts that will make you go crazy!

Okay, let’s talk about the prices now. Well, some customers thought prices were high but most declared the prices are reasonable for the good quality. So I think it’s better if you voluntarily decide if the prices work for you.

Adore Me Shipping Policy

Good News! Adore Me provides FREE shipping all over the USA! They have a quick and precise shipment. They process and ships the orders within 1-2 days.

On the website, you will find a very explicit map in the shipping section. On that map, there is a clear-cut region separation that shows how long shipping time takes. The time can exceed from two days to six business days depending on the distance.

Outside of the USA, they ship to Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, UAE, New Zealand and Singapore. In international orders, the charge depends on the destined location. For international deliveries, the processing time is 1-2 days. And the transit time takes 11-14 days.

You can track your order throughout its journey to your home and get more excited!

Adore Me Return Policy

Just like the precise shipping policy, Adore Me has an easy return policy too. They will accept any unworn and undamaged returned products within 30 days of shipping.

For sanitary causes, the tag and the protective adhesive strip must be attached if you want to return them. Moreover, if you return an incomplete set, the return will not be accepted.

Let me tell you another important thing. The same shipping packet should be used to pack the returned products.

For the US returns the restocking fee is $5.95. The fee is the same for Canada too.

And another good news! The exchange charge is also FREE in the USA. In international countries, the exchange facility is available only in Canada.

However, final sale products cannot be returned or exchanged.

Adore Me Customer Feedback

Adore Me is one of the most loved brands. Its popularity is really amazing! Check it out by yourself here.

In Sitejabber, there are about 11,613 reviewers who reviewed Adore Me. And Adore Me got 4.39 stars out of 5. Here, the customers mostly expressed satisfaction with its products’ quality, service and shipping policy. They also reviewed its prices as reasonable. They loved the sizing and fitting too!

In Trustpilot, Adore Me got 4 stars out of 5. Here, the review number is 8,804. Along with the quality of products and service, they praised the design of the products, the material, and their best fit. Not only that they were comfortable, but the lingeries also made them look gorgeous. They admitted that it boosted their confidence.

Well, Adore Me really looks forward to all of these responses from their customers that they could finally get with their devotion to customers.

Adore Me Alternatives

Now let’s move on to two of the alternatives of Adore Me.

  • Savage X Fenty: This lingerie brand is also a very popular brand like Adore Me. This brand has products for both men and women. You will find lingerie, bras, panties, boxers, sleepwear, hoodies and more! The clothes of this brand will make you look like a fearless baddie!
  • Bluebella: This brand intends to serve fashion-forward women luxurious lingerie, underwear and sleepwear. They keep the touch of innovation and exclusiveness in their products. They have variations in color and design. Along with keeping it stylish, they focuses on comfort as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Is Adore Me ethical?

Ans: Yes, Adore Me is ethical. They are very much concerned and careful about the environment. They practice recycling methods while producing the products.

Q2# Does VIP membership steal my money?

Ans: No, the VIP membership does not steal your money. According to Adore Me policy, you can skip shopping for as many months as you want. But they will charge $39.95 for that. This money is refundable and the store credit never expires.

Q3# Does Adore Me worth my money?

Ans: Yes, it does. Adore Me has great quality products. Its products are comfortable and gorgeous. So Adore Me will be worth every penny you spend on it!


So what do you think? Impressive, huh? This brand is not only legit but also a wonderful brand that ensures your best shopping!

Their reasonable price and attractive lingerie can make you go wild! And this is enough for you to choose them and let them take care of you.

And let me tell you once again, Adore Me is legit. So don’t be confused to get your perfect fit right now!

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