Is Aerie Legit or Scam? (Aerie Reviews)

If you have been wishing to fill up your summer wardrobe with leisure and athletic wears, then Aerie is the first place you should check out!

Aerie is a clothing retailer that offers underwear, swimsuits, and activewear. The retailer specializes in making women’s products that express body positivity. This brand is a subsidiary of the holding company American Eagle Outfitters (AEO).

And today’s article will discuss the question, is Aerie Legit? So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Aerie Review

Aerie is a lifestyle and intimate clothing retailer headquartered in the United States. This subsidiary business was founded in 2006, and its CEO is Jay L. Schottenstein.

Starting out, actual women of various shapes and sizes were the emphasis of the advertisements and models of Aerie. Since then, Aerie has earned recognition and praises for its diverse advertising campaigns that include models of all kinds of body shapes and sizes. They also include women who have illnesses and disabilities.

In addition, there are around 82 worldwide licensed shops in 13 countries that sell Aerie products. From January 2021, a total of 148 stand-alone Aerie stores, and 175 Aerie stores alongside AEO are being operated in U.S, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Is Aerie Legit?

While Aerie regularly provides high quality and incredibly comfy clothes to their customers, you might be wondering if Aerie is actually legit.

Here is the good news, Aerie is legit! By teaching young women to appreciate their bodies, Aerie has altered the perception of women’s beauty! The brand will keep having rapid growth as it initiates around 60 new shops in the upcoming year and expands into new markets.

Aerie has skillfully appealed to the emotions of the people who respect body positivity and a supportive environment!

Now let’s move on to the clothing and accessories Aerie has to offer.

Aerie Products

Being less reliant on intimate apparels allows Aerie to embrace other trends. The Aerie collection offers activewear, casual wear, sleepwear and various accessories, along with their lingerie selection.

They have all kinds of clothing which include tops, bottoms, leggings, dresses, skirts, swimsuits, and matching sets as well! Aerie’s accessories collection includes beauty accessories, hair accessories, shoes, socks, capes, hats, jewelry, sunglasses, bags, and belts.

Some of their popular products are the comfiest boybrief underwear, supportive lace bralettes, comfortable cotton hoodies, running shorts and crew socks, prettiest twist-back sweatshirts and cropped tank tops, and finally, their cute bathers.

Now, what are their prices like? Let’s found out.

Aerie Product Price

Let me start with this amazing Aerie offer. From thong, boybrief, cheeky, or bikini underwear, you can buy 6 pairs of underwear for $30 only! Yes you read that right! With each piece costing $8.95, buying 6 of them together will save you 44% of the total price!

I am going to state some of the average price ranges in Aerie. All Aerie underwear ranges from $8.95 to $30, bras and lingerie from $10 to $75, swimsuits from $10 to $50, tops from $10 to $75, bottoms from $10 to $50, and finally, their accessories and shoes from $5 to $50.

Aerie Shipping Policy

Does free shipping capture your interest? If your orders cost more than $100, then your Aerie items shipping to international countries will be for free! But items shipping to Andorra, Brazil, Bulgaria, Iceland, Turkey, Uruguay, and New Guinea are not eligible for this offer.

Aerie covers the taxes and duties in most of the countries. Also, you may be offered a choice for shipping standard or express, or even both, depending on the country your order is shipped to.
Lastly, for international shipping, Aerie will not be able to ship items over 20 per order.

Aerie Return Policy

You can return your product to Aerie if you are not happy with it. Aerie is more than happy to assist you in resolving your problems.

For returning an item, if you can then make sure it is packed in the original wrapping. You should provide your invoice and the price tag of your item. Lastly, the reason for returning you item should be stated.

Reasons could be that your item is defective, not as you expected it to be, too big or small, ruined during shipment, delivered late, or wrong item delivered. But if your item is customized, then it cannot be returned.

The refunds need time for processing, so you need to wait for around 5 weeks from the day you return your item. Upon receiving your return, Aerie will only refund the cost of your product, and not its shipping cost.

Finally, the shipping cost will only be refunded if you return your item because of any fault in the product or its quality.

Aerie Customer Feedback

Observing the customer reviews of Aerie will help us learn more about the brand. According to what I found:

Trustpilot shows a rating of 3.2/5, which is actually average. Around 60% of the customers were happy with their Aerie experience.

The customers praised Aerie’s customer service, and loved the swimsuit quality and prices offered by Aerie. There were some who were not happy with the return policy for international orders.

Sitejabber shows a rating of 3.62/5, which is a fairly good review. Around 67% of the customers provided positive feedback on Aerie. Aerie also secured 25th position among the lingerie sites according to Sitejabber.

The customers praised Aerie’s comfortable clothing, pricing, and quality! But some were disappointed with the customer service by Aerie.

Aerie Alternatives

You can also check out some of these alternatives of Aerie, if you want more of these intimate clothing brands.

  • Victoria’s Secret: Victoria’s Secret is a beauty, lingerie and clothing business founded in 1977. The brand is well known for their alluring lingerie made for daily wear. The clothing options and prices are similar for Aerie and Victoria’s Secret.
  • Cupshe: Cupshe specializes in fashionable swimsuits and bikinis for women, founded in 2015. This clothing business also offers similar apparel like Aerie, and expresses body positivity through their products and advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Are Aerie and American Eagle the same?

Ans: No, they are not the same. Aerie is an intimate clothing retailer for women, and the name is short for American Eagle Lingerie. It is a subsidiary brand of American Eagle Outfitters. While American Eagle is an American lifestyle and clothing retailer for both men and women.

Q2# Are Aerie leggings squat proof?

Ans: Yes, they are absolutely squat proof! Aerie’s leggings are non-transparent and comfortable. The leggings they offer are strong and not too tight, and their fitting is great.

Q3# Is Aerie cruelty free?

Ans: Yes, it is! Aerie is strictly against cruelty towards animals. They do not allow the use of animal fur, skins from endangered animals, wool from mulesing, rabbit hair, and animal testing.


After a long research on this intimate apparel business, I am sure we can all agree that Aerie is in fact legit!

Aerie is an amazing place to look for comfy and fashionable swimwear. They offer you choices which you might not get easily anywhere else.

And with their advertisements using real women, you can know which Aerie product will suit you by relating to those women in terms of shape and size.

So, go and find out yourself what Aerie has to offer!

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