Is Bare Necessities legit or Scam? (Bare Necessities Reviews)

When was the last time you felt in your intimate? If your answer is long ago. I need to ask WHY?

You deserve to feel in your intimate and love yourself just the way you are!

But it never is too late! You can feel it again! Bare Necessities will help you go through it.

And I know what you’re thinking at this point. Is Bare Necessities legit? Further reading will answer your question.

Bare Necessities Review

Bare Necessities is an online retail store that serves you their best lingeries, swimwear and loungewear.

This is quite an old company that was formed in 1998 in New Jersey, USA.

Throughout its journey, it has been working as a support for every customer’s curves. This brand claims to be with you all the time and make you feel confident the way you are.

Bare Necessities is concerned about the diversity of women’s bodies. This brand is widely known for its collection of sizes.

It not only cares about your fitting and comfort, but it also designs products to make you look fashionable.

In simple words, its mission is to unlock your confidence, understand your every need and make you feel heard. Pretty amazing, right?

Is Bare Necessities Legit?

Its mission is heartwarming, right? You can still have doubts about their legitimacy, but that’s okay!

You don’t need to worry. Bare Necessities is legit and reliable. This brand has been serving customers globally for a long time now. It has also been recognized in renowned magazines like Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, Glamour, Real Simple, The View, Oprah and many more!

Bare Necessities Products

In Bare Necessities, you will find every kind of undergarments you will be needing all your entire life.

From your regular wear to sportswear, from casual wear to bridal, you will find everything here!

The products are colorful and uniquely designed. You will find such lingeries you never knew you needed!

They also have very quality full shapewear and swimwear. You can find your size easily among its thousands of products! Their products are soft and comfortable.

They also have pajama tops, pajama sets, tankinis, bikinis, slippers and more!

This brand carries a huge number of brands you can hardly believe. There are 140 brands including, Panache, Azura, Nike, Elomi, Kalvin Clein, Vanity Fair, Lauren Ralph Lauren and Moi.

Bare Necessities Products Price

Well, as this company is fully customer-centric, customer satisfaction with the prices is considered important to them.

According to the customers, Bare Necessities’ prices are quite reasonable and affordable.

You can literally find product that costs only US$7!!! And it increases as the sizes and materials change. It can exceed $100 in those circumstances. The price depends on the brands as well.

You can save money by shopping in sets that they organized. They provide sets of products together and keep the price cheaper than buying individually, which saves a couple of dollars for you.

And you get up to 40% off on the brands like Elomi, Panache, Natori and more!

Bare Necessities Shipping Policy

The shipping charge depends on delivery location and product weight. And the shipping time depends on your preference.

In the standard shipping method, they charge US$6.95. But if you purchase more than $70, you will get absolutely FREE shipping! By this method, you will get your delivery within 3-7 days.

However, the more quickly you will want your products to be delivered, the more you have to pay. But note that, their shipping time never exceeds 7 days.

Their emergency ships like overnight and the next day Saturday that take 2 days and 1 day are delivered via FedEx.

They ship all over 50 states of the USA and in over 100 countries. In international shipping, the taxes are fixed by the destination country.

Bare Necessities Return Policy

Bare Necessities allows you to return the products within 120 days from purchase. You must avoid returning products that are worn or damaged.

In the return process, they will deduct $6.95 for returning the label. However, you can return the products by yourself as well. In this case, you have to be careful about inserting the address and other details.

Remember that if you return in 60 days, they will refund your credit card or account. But if you take 61-120 days to return, they will provide a voucher via email. You can pick out your favorite after that which has to cost a minimum of $10.

For U.S. orders, this brand provides Instant Credit as a refund option if your order costs more than $500.

Bare Necessities Customer Feedback

Bare necessities have received an enormous amount of love from their customers. Let’s take a look at that now.

On the reviewing site Trustpilot, customers have expressed their satisfaction in a wide way. They loved the customer service of Bare Necessities so much that most customers discussed it happily. They also praised the quality and size of the bras. Moreover, they reported the comfort of the products positively. They rated this brand 4.7 stars.

On Sitejabber as well customers mostly praised the quality of Bare Necessities products and the values. Here, customers also expressed the joy of getting a huge number of collections they could choose from! However, some customers were not satisfied with the service and complained about it. On this site, Bare Necessities is rated 3.1.

Bare Necessities Alternatives

Now let’s check out two brands that are similar to Bare Necessities.

  • Triumph: This brand strongly believes in diversity in women and their lifestyles. They want their products to adapt to every women’s unique life and treat them just the way they deserve. They have an attractive collection of lingeries, loungewear, shapewear and more. They provide up to 40% off.
  • Thirdlove: This brand brings to you a combination of comfort and sexiness. They focus on size, fit and feel. Their products are also claimed as supportive, smooth and versatile. Along with bras and lingeries, they have sleepwear and swimsuits as well. Thirdlove provides discount of up to 45%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Does Bare Necessities have a store?

Ans: No, Bare Necessities does not have any stores. They sell their products only through their website. Their website is

Q2# How long does Bare Necessities take to ship?

Ans: Bare Necessities ship products within 3-7 business days. But if you want your products in less time than the standard time, you can inform them and they’ll instruct you how to get it real quick.

Q3# Does Bare Necessities harm my privacy?

Ans: Bare Necessities is committed to your privacy. They do not take any excessive information than they need to possible your order. So you can feel safe while browsing their website.


How about giving Bare Necessities a chance to make you feel better again? Let it help you to find yourself in a new way.

You can try your favorite fit from their collection and see the difference yourself.

As you can choose from a huge number of brands, your shopping will be easy too!

And as I mentioned before, Bare Necessities is legit. So feel free to visit it.

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