Is Blue Nile Legit or Scam?

Nowadays, people aspire to be exceptional when it comes to fashion. And wearing fashionable jewelry is one way of standing out. Blue Nile is here to assist you with that.

Blue Nile is an online retailer that focuses on stunning jewelry and high-quality diamonds of amazing value, assisting you in making the most of your budget.

However, many may wonder if Blue Nile is really worthy of attention. Is it worth our money and time? And the most important question, is Blue Nile Legit?

Blue Nile Review

Blue Nile is the foremost online jewelry retailer based in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1999, and it transformed the diamond ring market by providing reasonable priced stones and customizable rings.

Blue Nile focuses on engagement rings, certified diamonds, and fine jewelry. They also offer education service to assist customers in choosing the right diamond.

They provide shipment to 45 different countries, and allow you to pay with any one of 23 different currencies from their website.

Is Blue Nile Legit?

While Blue Nile may offer us products at affordable prices, we have to keep in mind whether Blue Nile is actually legit or a scam.

Well, Blue Nile is absolutely legit. The business has been running for many years. You can choose and order from numerous fine jewelry and diamonds and have them delivered at your house or even your workplace if required.

This retailer has largely received positive feedback up to the present, and they aim to win your approval as well.

Blue Nile Products

Since Blue Nile is an online jewelry retailer, needless to say, they offer a vast selection of diamonds and jewelry. Their products include engagement rings, wedding rings, lab created diamonds, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Blue Nile also offers customizable engagement rings and diamond jewelry with your choice of diamonds and engraving. Their diamonds offered are GLA and AGSL certified.

Blue Nile Product Price

Prices of products play a major role in your decision making when buying a product.

Blue Nile claims to offer jewelry pieces at affordable prices, starting from minimum $50. An expensive piece would be equal to or less than $99,000. The prices depend on the product type, and the metal and stones used.

They also offer student and service discount, where verified U.S students, service and military members get 15% off in regular priced jewelry.

Blue Nile Shipping Policy

Shipping policies are significant parts of every online company or business. And Blue Nile presents their policies very clearly.

Blue Nile provides free shipping in 45 countries and areas through trusted conveyers. The orders Blue Nile receive are shipped with the responsibility and dependability of USPS or FedEx shipping.

The arrival date for orders shipping to U.S is determined by the estimated number of days needed for processing, packaging, and delivering the order. Blue Nile provides an estimated arrival date for international orders as well.

Needless to say, the accurate arrival date for international orders may differ depending on the transport times and custom clearance. So you have to wait for your Blue Nile orders patiently.

Blue Nile Return Policy

Blue Nile will also accept returns as long as you follow their return instructions and policies. Items from Blue Nile can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase or shipment. They will neither charge you nor ask you questions for this.

For returning an item, it should be in its original packaging and have all its related documents with it. Your refund needs two weeks for being processed.

Except for engraved rings, other Blue Nile engraved jewelry cannot be returned. All engraved rings can be accepted in exchange for credit, but the engraving fees are non-refundable. Finally, Blue Nile offers free extended holiday returns as well.

Blue Nile Customer Satisfaction

As various websites may provide false or inaccurate information regarding a company, it is essential to observe the reviews and satisfaction of customers. According to my findings:

Trustpilot shows a rating of 4.0/5 by 445+ reviewers, which indicates an overall great Blue Nile customer satisfaction. According to some customers, Blue Nile’s customer service was generally great, and their quality of the jewelry was praiseworthy.

Although some were dissatisfied with their shipping experience.

ConsumerAffairs has a rating of 4.0/5 by 165+ reviewers, which also shows a positive review from Blue Nile customers in general. According to the reviews, customers loved the vast collection of jewelry and were impressed by the reasonable prices.

However, there were some who claimed that Blue Nile did not stand behind their products and provided poor warranty work.

Blue Nile Alternatives

If Blue Nile does not entirely satisfy your needs, then there is nothing to be worried about. The websites below are some alternatives to Blue Nile, providing similar items and services.

  • James Allen: James Allen is also an online jewelry retailer that sells numerous jewelry types similar to Blue Nile’s. They provide lab-created diamonds, all under their line. They have more than 40,000 options available for every clarity, color, and cut grade.
  • Brilliant Earth: Similar to Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth also offers many jewelry types, including wedding rings, engagement rings, gemstones, and other great jewelry. They also provide lab-created diamonds, and their metals and stones are all sourced ethically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# How do we best care and maintain our new jewelry purchase from Blue Nile?

Ans: As a preventative action against the chance of stone damage or loss resulting from normal use of the jewelry, Blue Nile provides complimentary cleaning and check-ups for products. This is recommended every six months.

Q2# Does Blue Nile offer a warranty on the jewelry we purchase?

Ans: Yes! Blue Nile offers a Lifetime Warranty to protect against producer shortcomings in skill or ability. Wear and tear, accidents, carelessness, loss, or robbery are not covered by the warranty.

Q3# Can we return a Blue Nile item given to us as a gift?

Ans: Yes! Within 30 days of purchase, Blue Nile is glad to accept the item in exchange for merchandise credit. Stick to their return instructions and deliver the item in its original wrapping along with its receipt (if present). You will be refunded with a Blue Nile gift certificate.


Now that this online business has been scrutinized, we can conclude that Blue Nile is in fact legit. Although they have some shortcomings to overcome.

If you are looking for a stunning jewelry piece at affordable price and of great quality, then Blue Nile is the ideal choice for you.

So, if Blue Nile has piqued your interest after this, then do give it a try!

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