Is Chicwish Legit or Scam?

I can speak for all when I say it is usually difficult to know where to shop online for outstanding fashion products or services. For finding authentic brands that have exclusive designs at reasonable prices, you need to sift through a number of fashion and clothing websites.

Well, Chicwish is here to make your life easier! Chicwish specializes in offering exclusive, cosmopolitan women’s clothing!

But, is Chicwish Legit? This review is going to help you make up your mind about this amazing women’s clothing store.

Chicwish Review

Chicwish is an online fashion retailer founded in 2011. Their teams are located in U.S, Asia, and U.K. And all these facts add to the validity of this clothing retailer.

Chicwish focuses on offering various handmade and high quality collections, and clothing that gives off cosmopolitan vibes!

Their website states that they provide to the young generation of women. But its fashions are of a timeless aspect that crosses and accommodates all age groups! Women of all ages can have their styles!

According to Chicwish, their customers have an average of more than eight years of expertise in this clothing brand. You can notice how this is expressed throughout their fashions, which typically have an elegant appeal that seems both stylish and cozy!

Is Chicwish Legit?

We have briefly looked into Chicwish and their services. So let us now focus on the most important question, is Chicwish legit or a scam?

Well, Chicwish is absolutely legit! Trust me when I say they are not, in any way, attempting to scam you! Although some of their products may not be of the best quality, they have an overall praiseworthy quality and fashionable clothing.

In addition, their products are reasonably priced!

So far, the reviews of Chicwish have been mainly favorable. Let us find out whether you will view this website positively or not.

Chicwish Products

The website offers various categories of clothing to make you look exclusive and fashionable!

Chicwish offers amazing tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, loungewear, swimsuits, kids clothing, and as well as beautiful accessories to wear with your clothes.

The products are outstanding in terms of fashion and quality, and available in a great collection of colors and neutrals!

Chicwish Product Price

The prices of Chicwish products are just right! They are not too low for you to start wondering if the website is a fraud. And not too high for a typical fashion buyer to not be able to afford the clothes or accessories.

Chicwish provides you with reasonable pricing and deals with zero red flags!

To give you all an idea of the prices, I am going to mention some of the average ranges of prices available in Chicwish. They have active wears ranging from $40 to $50, dresses from $50 to $80, coats from $70 to $100, skirts from $30 to $50, and pants from $40 to $50.

It is reasonable to assume that the prices on Chicwish express their high quality clothing.

Chicwish Shipping Policy

Chicwish clearly mentions their shipping policy for customers. Their shipping methods include USPS ground, DHL express, and USPS First Class.

The delivery time of Chicwish products is based on the processing time that takes around 3 to 4 days, and the shipping time. When a customer checks out, they can get the details of the delivery option or conveyer along with the cost and time of delivery.

What’s more, you can receive free shipping on any Chicwish order above $50! For every shipment of your Chicwish products, you will be given a tracking link through your email when the order is shipped. You can of course cancel your Chicwish order, but it has to be done before the order is shipped.

You should know that Chicwish does not deliver any orders on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays. Lastly, constant mailing and free shipping cannot ensure the time of delivery because of delays from customs clearance.

Chicwish Return Policy

If anything in your order from Chicwish is not up to your expectations, then there is nothing to worry about! Your order can be easily returned for refund within 30 days from when you receive the order.

If Chicwish can receive the order you returned within those 30 days, then you will be given a store credit, a bonus credit of $5, for the amount of your returned order. Basically, if you select the store credit refund, then you can have free return! Interesting, isn’t it?

For 60 days following the accurate date of delivery, the returned orders can get store credit. Also, only products that are unused, not ruined, have their original wrapping and tags with them can be returned.

Chicwish Customer Satisfaction

If you are still having doubts regarding Chicwish and their services, then these customer reviews might change your mind. I have found that:

Sitejabber has a rating of 4.68/5 by 8221+ reviewers, which is an overall excellent feedback from the customers! There are about 7389+ positive reviews from satisfied customers of Chicwish, which is 92.4% of positive feedback.

The customers were extremely happy with their shopping experience with Chicwish, the amazing quality, and customer service it offers. There were around 192+ negative reviews as well, where customers complained about issues with free shipping, and how their shopping carts tool longer time to accept purchases.

Trustpilot shows a rating of 4.5/5 by 2735+ reviewers, which also indicates a positive experience by the Chicwish customers! 89% of the reviewers praised Chicwish’s customer service, but the rest of the customers were unsatisfied with their shipping experience with Chicwish.

Chicwish Alternatives

If you want to look for more fashion clothing stores similar to Chicwish, then here are some Chicwish alternatives that might have what you are looking for:

  • Shein: Shein is also a well-known women’s clothing store. Similar to Chicwish, this Chinese online fashion retailer is praised for their high quality and reasonable priced clothing. They connect with fashion buyers in over 150 countries from their worldwide market.
  • Stitch Fix: Stitch Fix is an online styling retailer headquartered in U.S, which delivers fine clothing for men, women, and also kids. They have free shipping and returns as well! They utilize scientific data and recommendations to design their clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Who pays for Chicwish return shipping?

Ans: Customers in U.S will get a return shipping label from Chicwish. The refund amount will be reduced by $8 to account for shipping charges.

Q2# What if my order from Chicwish is defective?

Ans: You do not have to return your defective order to Chicwish. If your order is defective or not up to your expectations, Chicwish will provide you a replacement with zero charges.

Q3# Does Chicwish ship from China?

Ans: Yes, the Chicwish team is also based in China, and your orders will ship from there. But the prices of Chicwish are not extremely cheap, unlike other clothing retailers in China.


Having done a review, I think we can all agree that Chicwish is indeed legit!

If you are seeking a new amazing clothing brand, then Chicwish is right there for you! They feature a wide variety of fashionable clothing and accessories, which is ideal for everyday wear.

So, if you still haven’t tried Chicwish, then go and try it now! And do share your experience with me!

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