Is Daily Goodie Box Legit or Scam? (Daily Goodie Box Review)

Who doesn’t love free samples? At least, I do! Especially if the samples are full-sized and I don’t have to spend any bucks to get them.

If you are like me, then you have probably heard about Daily Goodie Box. A site that sends you free goodies as soon as you sign up.

But all these sound too good to be true and so, I am here to dispel the truth. Join me as I answer the question ‘Is Daily Goodie Box legit?’

Daily Goodie Box Review

Daily Goodie Box is one of those sites that claim to send you products free of cost. Just for you to try out and leave them a review or feedback, basically a free sample program.

They send you out boxes of free stuff including food and household products to get potential new customers. The site was started in New York in 2017 in a bid to attract more brand consumers.

Daily Goodie Box is partnered with a list of brands starting from beauty, food and lifestyle. It’s free for all users and you can receive goodies sitting at home!

Is Daily Goodie Box Legit?

Does Daily Goodie Box sound authentic or is it just a scam to get our personal information?

Yes, Daily Goodie Box is 100% legit and true to its word. Many of the products are full-sized which means you get to enjoy those to the fullest extent. However, you need to be able to qualify for the goodies and leave reviews.

How Does Daily Goodie Box Work?

If you are wanting to venture out to try Daily Goodie Box, you will come across these things. They offer goodies daily and you need to sign up to receive a box.

You provide your information and details to let them you are interested. You can then head over to their social media pages to interact with them, aka leave comments.

Winners are picked at random, if you’re lucky you will then receive your sample box at your doorstep. You can now enjoy a wide range of goodies from food to beauty.

What Does Daily Goodie Box Offer?

I think I mentioned this earlier but not all goodies are sample sized. Some products are given to you to try full-sized! How cool is that?

Items vary each time but to give you a general idea, they send you a lot of snacks. From trail mix, nuts, popcorn to candies, chocolates to mints and gums.

They also send you health care products like vitamins, protein powders, sleeping aids and probiotics. If you are interested in beauty then they dabble in cosmetics and makeup as well.

How To Leave Daily Goodie Box Reviews?

After you finish sampling the goods, you need to fill out their questionnaires to review. Often they ask you to give your honest opinions which they take into consideration.

All the reviewing takes place on the website where you can fill out on your account. Even though it’s not absolutely necessary to leave reviews. But chances of receiving future sample boxes are higher.

Daily Goodie Box User Review

People have a lot of opinion about Daily Goodie Box and they range from awesome to not-so-useful. So, let’s see what they actually say about this company.

Trustpilot says that they deserve one of the best scores of 4.9/5 based on 1300+ reviews. The above score suggests that people love the samples they receive without any hidden payment. They barely have to do anything, some even met new people which is great for building social networks.

Site Jabber also has similar things to say about them with a rating of 4.9/5 from 800+ reviews. The positives mention receiving full-size samples and hassle free sign ups. They are in fact ranked second best among free sample programs.

Daily Goodie Box Alternatives

If you are interested in trying out new products, there are no better choices than these two.

  • PINCHme: They will deliver free samples for you to try for free and it’s every month! They will send you stuff based on your profile and you just provide your honest opinion. They include snacks, pet food, health care, beauty and personal care items and many more.
  • Sampler: Sampler as you guessed it is another free sample website with a free subscription. Upon your feedback, they try to send you stuff they think you will enjoy. From big commercial brands to small indie ones, they send out a lot of different items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Do you have to pay for shipping at Daily Goodie Box?

Ans: Nope! Daily Goodie Box ships to you your sample box absolutely free and with no hidden costs. All you need to do is wait for your box and that’s it and write them authentic reviews.

Q2# Can people sign up for Daily Goodie Box worldwide?

Ans: Daily Goodie Box only allows people from the United States to sign up for their program. You have to be a legal resident or a citizen in order to enjoy their boxes of samples. It’s not surprising since they have to ship to your door.

Q3# Is there a way to contact Daily Goodie Box for help?

Ans: Daily Goodie Box does not have too much information on their contact page. If you need assistance you can quickly send them a message through their message option. However, I have heard that their social media pages are open to messages.


I can now proudly put an end to the question ‘Is Daily Goodie Box legit?’ They are very much legit and many people who have signed up have received their boxes.

However, you can’t just sit tight and expect those goodies to arrive. To get those samples, you need to interact with their social pages and leave reviews for the stuff.

It’s fun and games for people active on social media, a wonderful way to try out new things. There’s no loss for you and you get to save money!

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