Is Eloquii Legit or Scam (Eloquii Reviews)

Fashion just doesn’t mean one size fits all, nor does it mean only for modelesque people. Fashion should be for everyone, including a variety of sizes and shapes.

If you’re someone, looking for plus-size clothing, in the latest fashion, then you must have heard about Eloquii. Yes! Access to all the latest collections and styles for curvy gals, all in one place.

But if you are anything like me, then you would verify if it’s too good to be true. By asking the age-old question of ‘Is Eloquii legit?’

Eloquii Review

Eloquii was founded in 2012, with the idea in mind that, fashion shouldn’t stop for curvy people. It was launched by four people named Jodi Arnold, John Auerbach, Julie Carnevale, and Steve Zawada.

Their collection of apparel and accessories took the internet by storm. They even have been endorsed by several influencers and celebrities and seem to be loved by everyone.

Their professional team of designers and makers brings in hundreds of collections. From dresses, coats, and jackets to shoes and jewelry in various sizes of course.

Is Eloquii Legit?

Here comes the most important query of the day, is Eloquii really the deal? Or is it a fluke ready to rob us of our money?

Nothing pleases me more than to announce that Eloquii is indeed very much legit and true. Based on reviews on their website and the internet, they seem to be quite popular. The sheer number of collections should convince you to try them at the very least.

Now, on to more stuff, like what does Eloquii carry and how do they sell?

Eloquii Products

Eloquii focuses mainly on fashion for curvy people with its vast collections of apparel. Basically, everything that you’d need to become Instagram famous.

Let’s start with its dresses; colorful or nude but all in striking options and all of them trendy. They also carry a pretty nice collection of blouses, tops, cardigans, shirts and jackets.

If you are into accessories, shoes, jewelry and athletic wear might appeal to you. Not only that they also carry belts, sunglasses, scarves and many more.

Eloquii Product Price

Eloquii seems to really know how to bring in customers, by keeping its prices affordable. Most of their products range from $50 to $200, depending on the style and design.

Their jackets and dresses are some of their costlier items and also their best sellers. As of now, the most expensive item on the website is a $189 faux fur coat.

Their shoes and other accessories also range in various price points going as low as $14. If you want to save up, then their sales tab is your best option.

Eloquii Shipping Policy

Eloquii ships both within the USA and outside of the country to several international locations. Typically, it takes 5 to 8 days for domestic shipping and is free for orders over $125.

If you are buying from other countries, shipping generally takes 6 to 10 business days. Shipping charges start from $8 for standard shipping and go up to $$31 for priority deliveries.

If you want even less shipping time, be prepared to pay $24 to $38 for their expedited services. Expedited shipping hardly takes a day or two to deliver your package to your door.

Eloquii Return Policy

If you believe something doesn’t fit or you don’t like it, you can return it! All within 30 days of receiving and keeping it.

You need to be able to keep it unworn and unused and all with their original tags. Especially, swimsuits and lingerie for hygiene issues, so be sure to keep all labels.

They will cut a $5 charge for return shipping, but generally, you get full refunds. You can also exchange but it’s allowed only for USA residents.

Eloquii Customer Feedback

It is important to check for genuine reviews and experiences of customers, to gauge if they are legit.

SiteJabber says that they are average with a score of 2.6/5 based on several reviews. Now the low score suggests that they need to focus on customer service and return policies. Most of their complaints revolve around their refusal to honor its return policy.

Facebook on the other hand has many reviews for Eloquii and all seem to be positive. Based on 200+ people, they have a score of 4.3 out of 5, most of them good. The only few negative reviews say the same, they need to work on customer service.

Eloquii Alternatives

If you want to explore more plus-sized options, you can try one of these too.

  • Torrid: To find effortless styles in plus sizes, you can try Torrid. They are a stiff competition to Eloquii with similar size charts and fashion.
  • Lane Bryant: Lane Bryant has some pretty good plus size options, each style better than the last. From sizes 10 to 40, they carry all for curvy people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Where are Eloquii clothes manufactured?

Ans: Eloquii clothes are mainly manufactured in the USA but they also outsource to other countries. Their headquarters are specifically in New York City and Columbus, Ohio.

Q2# What sizes does Eloquii carry on its website?

Ans: Eloquii carries three kinds of size charts, from regular and Viola fit to Gena fit. Regular fit is true to size according to their chart while Viola and Gena are more customized. Make sure to look at their three charts before making a purchase from Eloquii.

Q3# How to get in touch with Eloquii?

Ans: Eloquii has four ways for you to get in touch with them. You can try their live chat or email for the fastest response. You can also try calling them or trying one of their social media handles.


So, now you have a clear picture of what Eloquii is and how it works. If you are still thinking about the ‘Is Eloquii legit?’ question, then think no more.

Eloquii has plenty of scopes to improve, but no one can say anything negative about their products. Their products are indeed fashionable and trendy.

So, to look like a million bucks, you can try out Eloquii. Without having to think about your fit!

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