Is Hayneedle Legit or Scam?

How about you get trendy furniture on discount and on top of that with FREE shipping?

The online furnishing store Hayneedle helps you fulfill this dream-like wish!

They not only provide budget-friendly discounts on their elegant furniture but also deliver it without any extra cost.

But, is Hayneedle legit? Let’s find that out first.

Hayneedle Review

Hayneedle is an online site that helps your home go with style.

Guess who’s the owner of this furnishing brand? It’s your very known Walmart. But not only Walmart, is also a parent organization of Hayneedle.

However, this large retailer site had started its journey in 2002 as At the beginning they had many stores but later on they combined all of them together.

From that time till now, they offer their customers thousands of choices in uniquely designed products with discounts.

Is Hayneedle Legit?

Many people have questions about Hayneedle’s legitimacy.

I’d like to inform you that Hayneedle is undoubtedly legit. As I mentioned before, the two reliable companies, Walmart and are the parent organizations of this retail site.

Moreover, Hayneedle has always delivered the products directly to the customers which also proves that they don’t do frauds.

So let’s take a look at how they serve their customers.

Hayneedle Products

Hayneedle has a great number of furniture and decorations for both indoors and outdoors.

They have products that can furnish every room of yours and decorate every corner of your home from inside and out.

For the bedrooms, along with beds and chests, there are nightstands, wardrobes, vanities, and even mattresses!

For the living room, they not only have sectional sofas but also accent chairs, coffee table sets, TV stands, accent cabinets, bookcases, and more.

Likewise, for kitchen, dining, and bathroom, They have all the necessary furniture and more.

Let’s move to outdoor products now. They have patio furniture, gardening care, outdoor storage, and more as outdoor accessories.

These were just the basic needs of furnishing that I mentioned. They also have rugs, lightning, home decor stuff like cushions, mirrors, clocks, wall paintings, and everything you possibly need.

Already you can see how huge their collection is! If you visit the site, your jaw will drop for sure!

Hayneedle Product Price

Their product prices mostly depend on the size and materials. Their lowest price starts from around $18, and it can go up to $6000+.

Now your most awaited discount information!

Hayneedle provides discounts based on seasonal purchases as well as regular purchases. Let me clarify it. For example, you can get up to 40% discount if you purchase any products from the cozy living room section! Then again, in the autumn outdoor event products, they are cutting off up to 45% of costs!

This affordable price range is quite a good deal compared to other sites.

Hayneedle Shipping Policy

Before anything and everything, in the 48 U.S. states, you will get FREE shipping on everything you purchase!

You can receive your delivery within one to three days. Quick right? Just like this amazing policy, they have another fascinating service for you!

In freight deliveries, you will have three options to pick how you would like your products delivered. They will deliver your product outside of your house or in your room, if you want. You can even ask them to unbox the products and place them in the positions you want them in.

And of course, all of these will be done free of cost!

However, the other states are considered international. In international shipping, you have to let them know your location, city or country, etc. Later on, they will let you know if delivery is possible. Tax and other formalities are evaluated by local governments. But in international shipments, they don’t provide any freight facilities.

Hayneedle Return Policy

You might be also wondering:

What if I need to return my products!

Hayneedle has a precise return policy. You can return products within 30 days of purchasing.

They will refund and replace your order with eligible problems like damage and missing parts etc. But opened mattresses, washed items, altered items, and gift certificates are not eligible for a refund.

They request their customers to save the packaging until they are sure about keeping the products. Because according to the policy, the same packaging will be used in product returns.

However, the shipping price is not refundable. The return shipping cost will also be deducted from your refund. But if you return the products in the “self-return” system, they will not deduct the return shipping cost.

Hayneedle Customer Feedback

This site of Walmart is weirdly controversial. Its rating is totally different in different rating sites. Some places, the negative reviews won and in some others customers showered positivity.

In Trustpilot, the rating is 1.5 as almost 81% of customers provided bad reviews about Hayneedle. Most people complained about the shipping and damage in the products. However, this site has mentioned that Hayneedle is legit.

But on Walmart’s own website, this retailer site got a rating of 4.3, which is pretty good. Customers expressed their satisfaction about their service and products. They also praised the quick shipping and return policy.

Then on the ConsumerAffairs website, Hayneedle got a rating of 3.6, which is average. Here, the ratio of good and bad reviews were quite balanced.

So basically customers of this company have every kind of opinion about the products and the policies so giving constant feedback is a little tough!

Hayneedle Alternatives

There are some other retailer sites like Hayneedle. Hayneedle, itself announced them as their company sites. Let’s check them out.

Wayfair: This site is also online and sells furniture and other home related products. They serve their customers each and everything that they need to furnish and decorate their homes. Above all, discounts and closeout deals are regularly provided here.

West Elm: This company’s products are originally designed and handcrafted. They also have all kinds of furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Unlike Hayneedle, they have stores all over the U.S. as well. They also have clearance deals and discounts up to 40%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Is Hayneedle good quality?

Ans: According to the customers who have shopped from Hayneedle, have reviewed the products’ saying those are good quality products. Many reviewers expressed their joy of receiving products as it was in the picture.

Q2# How reliable is Hayneedle?

Ans: As per to the reviews who got their products delivered in their homes safely, Hayneedle is reliable. Also as Hayneedle is owned by the reputable site Walmart, its reliability becomes more evident.

Q3# Is Hayneedle a trusted site?

Ans: Hayneedle is a trusted site. Not only because Walmart and are the parent organizations. It is also addressed as a “verified company” in the business reviewing sites like Trustpilot.


Let’s recap:

Hayneedle is basically an online store that focuses on your budget and discounts.

They even match their prices with other competitor sites to keep it low for the customers.

They have thousands of varieties of products to make your home look better!

However, even the negative reviews cannot prove that Hayneedle is a scam because Hayneedle is completely legit!

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