Is Hello Ice Legit or Scam? (Hello Ice Reviews)

Want to style yourself with fantastic urban and hip-hop jewelry? Then why haven’t you tried Hello Ice yet? Hello Ice is one of the latest hip-hop jewelry brands that offers its customers a huge collection of high-quality jewelry pieces. And all their items are budget-friendly!

Knowing all these makes you wonder whether the brand is really what they claim, am I right? Is Hello Ice legit? Or is the brand a scam? Join me in exploring more about this hip-hop jewelry brand through this article!

Hello Ice Review

Hello Ice is a popular hip-hop and urban jewelry brand for men. Its founding year is 2017, and the brand was founded in Miami, United States by its founder Felix. Hello Ice was launched by seven determined young boys who have immense love for hip-hop and rap music.

Hello Ice wants you to live a luxurious lifestyle where you can dress with their top-notch urban jewelry products and feel confident! The brand specializes in incredible hip-hop and urban jewelry pieces of the finest quality and at the best possible prices!

They claim to never undermine the quality of their products for the sake of the costs. In addition, Hello Ice has amazing jewelry items with a guarantee of a lifetime!

Is Hello Ice Legit?

I know that you have a common doubt about Hello Ice in your mind like many others. Is Hello Ice truly legit or simply a scam like other sites out there?

Hello Ice is totally legit! Their site has been running for over 3 years now! It took Hello Ice several years to reach where they are today and have already transformed the jewelry marketplace! The brand offers its buyers legit and authentic 18K gold-plated jewelry pieces dipped 5 times and with solid stainless steel or brass base.

Hello Ice Products

Hello Ice has the best quality jewelry items of the best designs and best prices to offer you! Their products are mostly focused on men’s jewelry, but you can also find women’s jewelry collections.

The hip-hop jewelry brand has fantastic collections of men’s chains, pendants, bracelets, watches, earrings, and rings. And there’s more! You can find a huge collection of vintage jewelry items as well! Their collection of women’s jewelry items is also great.

Hello Ice Product Price

The hip-hop jewelry brand aims to offer you great jewelry products at amazing prices. And they try to sell you products at half the price of what you see in other brands. Why don’t we have a look at their price ranges?

Hello Ice sells its amazing chains for between $25 and $500, and the pendants for $30 to $260. Their bracelets are found from $20 to $160, and their watches from $50 to $260. Furthermore, their beautiful earrings and rings can be bought from $15 to $130.

Hello Ice’s cool vintage jewelry collection costs from $30 to $70, and you can find the women’s jewelry collection at $10 to $190. They offer cool discounts and offers as well! You can buy one

jewelry product and get any other product with it for free! Cool, right?

Hello Ice Shipping Policy

Hello Ice strives to provide you with the highest standard of shipping methods! Their shipping options include Standard shipping, Express shipping, and Three-day shipping. Normally, Hello Ice processes and ships your orders within 3 to 7 days, while customized items need 7 to 12 days.

Standard shipping takes 7 to 12 days to deliver your item, while Express shipping takes 4 to 6 days only. But Express shipping will cost you more than Standard shipping. And then there’s Three-day shipping, which takes only 3 days to ship and is available for US orders only.

Want to know something interesting? Orders over $69 will be offered FREE Standard shipping! And it doesn’t end here! You can enjoy FREE Express shipping for orders over $180!

Now, let us focus on the brand’s return and exchange policy.

Hello Ice Return and Exchange Policy

Hello Ice wants nothing but for its customers to feel confident and happy when buying its products. So, the brand offers you a 30-day period for returning or exchanging your Hello Ice orders! Just make sure to return your item unused and in the same state within 30 days of its arrival.

You need to use your local post office to return your items. And if you receive any gifts with your order, then those gifts should also be returned along with your return. Or else Hello Ice will cut the cost of those gifts from your refund.

You should also note that Hello Ice will not accept customized or personalized items, items with photo or engravings, and other final sale products as returns or exchanges. Of course, if the engraving turns out wrong, then Hello Ice is more than happy to accept it and send you back a new product.

As soon as your item for return or exchange is accepted and processed, you will get your refund. The processing time is usually around 7 business days. And one last thing, your original shipping cost cannot be refunded, and the return shipping cost will be totally on you.

Hello Ice Customer Feedback

It is very common for various brands to get mixed reviews. But every customer feedback vastly helps you to make the right choice when it comes to shopping from the brands. So, what do the customers think about Hello Ice?

Knoji shows that Hello Ice has a rating of 4.0 out of 5. As you can see, customer satisfaction with Hello Ice is overall great!

Customers were really happy with the free shipping options of Hello Ice, and also has an easy experience with order cancellations. But I did notice that their customer service was rated average.
Next, I observed that Trustpilot has rated Hello Ice 3.0 out of 5. This is actually average customer satisfaction. But that’s not so bad, is it?

Many happy customers talked about the beautiful and high-quality products of Hello Ice, and also praised their customer service. I also saw unhappy customers mostly complaining about not receiving their orders on time or not getting them at all.

Hello Ice Alternatives

In case you are still not satisfied with Hello Ice’s products, or you are simply looking for more hip-hop jewelry brands, have a look at these Hello Ice alternatives.

  • The GUU Shop: The GUU shop is another great company like Hello Ice whose specialty is top-notch hip-hop jewelry! The brand was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in the United States. They have the best quality and great-priced hip-hop jewelry like hip-hop watches, Cuban link chains, micro pave rings, and many others!
  • 6 ICE: Another trendy hip-hop jewelry brand just like Hello Ice is 6 ICE, which is currently headquartered in the United States. You will find fantastic hip-hop chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and whatnot! And all their jewelry is made using highly advanced technology!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Where is Hello Ice located?

Ans: The main office of Hello Ice is located in Los Angelos, California, United States. But the brand does not have any retail locations at present. Don’t worry though, they are going to introduce their jewelry stores in Canada and United States in the near future.

Q2# Is Hello Ice good?

Ans: Yes, Hello Ice offers great jewelry products! The brand specializes in both 18K pure solid gold and as well as 18K pure gold plated jewelry. Their jewelry items are created using the best quality materials which include 925 sterling silver and brass!

Q3# Does Hello Ice use real diamonds?

Ans: Actually, Hello Ice uses Cubic Zirconia stones as their primary stone type as they can withstand scratches better than natural stones. They also use lab-made sapphires created to have better durability and optical properties compared to a diamond.


I hope this article has shed light on whether Hello Ice is legit. If so, then you must know that Hello Ice is legit!

Who can say no to their amazing hip-hop jewelry items when they are offered at such good prices? Try Hello Ice now and share your experience with your others!

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