Is JackRabbit Legit or Scam? (JackRabbit Reviews)

If you are anything like me, then you will know you like to keep fit by working out. And to work out you need proper outfits such as running shorts, sports bras, shirts, and shoes.

Especially if you get any of those at a cheaper price and here’s why I’m telling you this. We need to talk about this online running store called JackRabbit, a place for good running gear.

But since, JackRabbit is online, is there scope for us to be wary of them? Since, you asked, let’s find out the answer to ‘Is JackRabbit legit?’

JackRabbit Review

JackRabbit is one of the largest retail companies boasting a lot of brands under them. Especially athletic apparel and shoes such as running shoes and different sports kits.

They were originally named as Running Specialty Group and founded in 2011 in California. Soon afterward in 2021, Fleet’s Feet acquired JackRabbit as part of their succession line plan.

Since being associated with Fleet’s Feet, JackRabbit has been selling various running footwear brands. They are also known to own more than 50+ brick and mortar stores across 18 states in USA.

Is JackRabbit Legit?

The question I was waiting to answer all the while I was writing this review. Is JackRabbit a reputable company as they claim?

JackRabbit is legit but they have several bad reviews going against them. They have been known to send wrong orders and give bad customer service for returns. But not all is bad though, some say that the running shoes they offer are worth the trouble.

Now, what can I say about their other features?

JackRabbit Products

JackRabbit is known for its running shoes and its many brands under the company. They sell a lot of well-known athletic brands such as Balance, Nike, Adidas, Hoka, and more.

They offer shoes and apparel for both men and women as well as kids. However, they are not just limited to running shoes and apparel, they also sell training programs and analysis.

If you need gear and food to sustain, they have those as well like energy drinks and bars. Other miscellaneous items such as masks, massagers, belts, socks, and water bottles can be bought from JackRabbit too.

JackRabbit Shipping Policy

JackRabbit offers shipping to both the USA and some parts of the world. Outside of the United States, you might have to use a third party like Borderoo for deliveries.

If you shop for over $99, economy shipping is free for you all. If not, then you have to pay at least $8.99 for economy shipping.

There are other options available as well such as Ground, Rush and Express which are faster options. You might have to pay anywhere between $9.99 to 32.99 depending on your choice and destination.

JackRabbit Return Policy

If you are looking for a full refund, JackRabbit return policy makes it easier for you. You are eligible to get your money guaranteed if you return within their 60 day limit.

For in store purchases, you have to return it back in one of their stores, mailing isn’t allowed. For online purchases, return is free but exchanges are not allowed, unfortunately.

To make a return online, be ready to have your order number, email address and number in hand. You have to put every detail on the shipping label before returning it back to them.

JackRabbit Customer Feedback

To get the full picture of a company, I needed to look at what others had to say. So, without further ado:

Trustpilot has an average score for JackRabbit with a 3.2/5 score among 2000+ reviews. They have equal number of good and bad reviews which makes it for a confusing score. Some say they got excellent service and good products at value but others say they were less than impressed.

Site Jabber is also collecting reviews and only managed to award them 1.7/5 based on user feedback. The low score suggests that most people are unhappy with JackRabbit due to customer service. In fact, they are only ranked 52nd among other sports shoe stores within the USA.

JackRabbit Alternatives

If you must know, JackRabbit is not the only store selling running shoes. There are definitely more companies out there.

  • Champ Sports: I’m sure y’all have heard about this store called Champ Sports which has been in business for years. They sell all kinds of running shoes and other sports shoes along with other accessories. Nike, Reebok, Adidas and all the popular brands can be found under Champ Sports.
  • Hibbett: Straight outta Birmingham, Alabama, Hibbett is another huge retailer of sporting shoes including running footwear. From Nike to Under Armour, Hibbett is very popular among the masses. Along with footwear, you can also get your favorite gear from NHL, NFL and MLB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# How many JackRabbit stores are operating inside the United States of America?

Ans: Currently, there are roughly 60 stores of JackRabbit operating in 18 states inside the USA. They are quite popular to shop in along with shopping online.

Q2# Does JackRabbit have any mobile app?

Ans: Absolutely! What’s online shopping if there is no mobile app. Since JackRabbit is running along with Fleet Feet, the app is under the latter’s name. It’s available on both the Apple Store and Google Play so you can shop from wherever you are.

Q3# Are gift cards available at JackRabbit?

Ans: Yes, if you want to get someone a gift, a gift card from JackRabbit might be perfect. You can buy either get one online and email it to your friend or purchase in-store.


So, what did we learn today from the question ‘Is JackRabbit legit?’ That they are legit and have been successfully running for a decade.

I know that customer service leaves much to be desired, but it can be improved. However, their product selection and pricing are commendable and worthy of good reviews.

I would definitely recommend everyone to do their own research before making a commitment. There might be a chance you will end up loving it!

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