Is Lukalula Legit or Legit? (Lukalula Reviews)

I know how the life of a mother can be restless, but that doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to choosing her style. This is why Lukalula is here to offer a huge selection of stylish maternity clothing and accessories for the modern mothers out there!

But with all their exclusive products and discounts, you might wonder if the business is as good as it seems. Most importantly, you might be thinking, is Lukalula legit?

Well, guess what?

I have come up with an answer to your question, so keep reading this article to find out more!

Lukalula Review

Lukalula is a well-known online maternity apparel brand founded in 2011, and its parent company is Aober Network Technology (Hong Kong) Co. Limited.

Lukalula has its very own team of fashion designers that specializes in comfy and sustainable styles for pregnant women and women in their motherhood. Their vast collection of maternity clothing originated from the foremost brands in China.

They have an established factory of their own, and also expert teams of customer service and quality control.

Is Lukalula Legit?

Now comes the most important question, is Lukalula legit or a scam? Here is the answer you have been curious about.

Lukalula is legit! So far, the brand has provided its products and services to more than 1 million women worldwide! Lukalula has a strict Quality Control team that monitors the quality and production of its apparel.

Thus, their quality and designs have allowed them to establish their reputation worldwide and provide the greatest service to their buyers.

Lukalula Products

Lukalula offers various exclusive maternity clothing for women in their pregnancy trimesters and after pregnancy to put them at ease. The brand selects comfy, exquisite, and adaptable fabrics to create its products with the conceptual design of simplicity in mind.

The main specialty of Lukalula products is a vast selection of beautiful maternity dresses, tops, bottoms, beachwear, nursing wear, and photoshoot dresses.

They also have amazing newborn essentials, family outfits, outfits for babies and kids, and various accessories to feel comfy and happy after pregnancy.

Lukalula Product Price

Lukalula provides everything a pregnant woman needs at the lowest prices and the greatest discounts! You can have a 10% discount for your very first Lukalula order!

If you buy one product from Lukalula, then you get a 20% discount for the 2nd product! If you buy two, you get the 3rd one at a 30% discount! It doesn’t stop here, buy three and get the 4th one at a 50% discount! What’s more, buying four products will let you have the 5th product for free!

Aren’t these discounts amazing? Now let us see a few price ranges of Lukalula’s apparel collection.

Their maternity dresses cost from a range of $10 to $245, photoshoot dresses from $25 to $245, maternity tops from $10 to $80, maternity bottoms from $5 to $55, maternity beachwear from $15 to $50, and nursing wear from $10 to $80.

Lukalula Shipping Policy

Want to relish Lukalula’s free shipping? Lukalula offers free shipping throughout the world for orders that cost more than $79! For other cases, the shipping cost, time, and method depend on your product and delivery location.

The total delivery time is based on the processing and shipping time of your order. Processing your order usually takes about 5 to 7 days, and the shipping time may be around 15 to 20 days for the majority of the countries.

As you can see, it takes a long time for their products to arrive, but their products are worth it. So I hope you place your order early to receive their incredible products at the right time.

Lukalula Return and Exchange Policy

Lukalula allows returns or exchanges for your order if it is delivered to you damaged or if you are not happy with it. You can return your order within 30 days from the date of delivery, or exchange your order for a new product.

Keep in mind that Lukalula will not accept your return if the item is changed, used, or damaged because of you. Also, you have to make sure the item is returned in its original wrapping. Lukalula may need around 5 days to process your return after receiving it, so please be patient.

Note that swimsuits from Lukalula cannot be returned or exchanged. They will of course accept it if it is defective or the wrong item. You will get your refund as early as possible after Lukalula gets your returned item, so don’t worry and wait for them to contact you.

Lukalula Customer Feedback

Almost all businesses in the world get mixed reviews from their customers. No brand gets entirely positive feedback or negative feedback. That is the case for Lukalula. Let us check out some of the reviews by its customers.

Knoji shows that Lukalula is rated 4.1 out of 5, which indicates that the customers were generally happy with their shopping experience with Lukalula. According to the review site, the shipping and return policies and the customer service of Lukalula got high ratings. But their payment options were rated low.

Lukalula Alternatives

If you are still not sure about the products or services of Lukalula, then you have nothing to fret about. Let me help you find some alternatives to Lukalula that can meet all your needs when it comes to maternity dresses.

  • Mama Bump Rentals: Mama Bump Rentals is a fashion boutique for maternity gowns and accessories similar to Lukalula. It was founded in 2014, and is based in the United States. They offer amazing maternity gowns for maternity photo sessions, baby showers, and weddings, and they also let you rent a dress or book a photo session with them.
  • PinkBlush Maternity: Just like Lukalula, PinkBlush Maternity is also a fashion brand for exclusive maternity clothing. It was founded in 2005 by Chris Tan. The brand has everything a pregnant mother needs from special occasion maternity dresses to casual and formal wear, and even sleepwear to feel comfortable at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Where does Lukalula get their clothes from?

Ans: All of Lukalula’s apparel arrives from the latest brands located in China. And the quality, design, and fabric of their clothing are highly guaranteed to ensure that their fashion buyers get the best service.

Q2# Where is Lukalula located?

Ans: Lukalula runs its business online, so they do not have any specific location or stores. But their parent company is based in Hong Kong, China.

Q3# How to contact Lukalula?

Ans: Since Lukalula is an online business, you can contact the brand via their website. You have to submit a ticket with your name, email, and order number (if any), and mention your queries. If they respond to you late then you are free to email them at


I am sure you have made up your mind about Lukalula by now. Lukalula is 100% legit!

The online brand provides the trendiest maternity apparel just for you! From tops and dresses to swimwear and accessories, they have it all!

A vast number of stylish products are waiting for you to try them! So don’t waste any more time and give Lukalula a shot!

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