Is Next Vacay Legit or Scam? (Next Vacay Reviews)

One of the biggest concerns when deciding on a vacation is the flight cost. So, it’s always worth it to look into some of the discount sites for vacations.

One such site is called Next Vacay, which brings you the hottest deals for flights and such. But the concern always remains whether the website you are dealing with is legit.

Join me as I navigate through their main features and make sure you get a clear picture. You don’t want to spoil your vacation with the question ‘Is Next Vacay legit?’

Next Vacay Review

Next Vacay is a platform solely created to help tech-savvy travelers around the world. The website was launched in 2014 by husband-wife duo, Naveen and Shaylee from their own traveling experience.

Turning their own experience as a business model, Next Vacay was created. They bring you the cheapest deals and the best offers for flying.

Next Vacay has a system that scans hundreds of databases from your nearest airport to your destination. All you have to do is sign up for the website and it will bring to you the details.

Is Next Vacay Legit?

Now what can I say about this helpful site, sounds too good to be true, isn’t it?

Next Vacay is legit because they don’t use any third party booking agents or middlemen. You don’t have to provide your personal information and can always cancel before your trial period ends. They do have room for improvement though, but if you are flexible enough, Next Vacay is worth it.

Now is time to learn how Next Vacay works.

How Does Next Vacay Work?

Next Vacay has a system in place to scour the internet for the best deals for you. You just have to sign up for a small fee and it’s ready to use.

You can always opt for their trial run which lasts 30 days and is free to use. To use the actual tool, you have to put in your closest airport and the final destination.

Next Vacay will then scan their databases and bring the cheapest flights available at that moment. You can then directly book via the airlines with no agents involved in the middle!

Next Vacay Price Plan

Next Vacay requires a fee to be able to use this site and it can either be an annual plan or monthly. The cost to use Next Vacay is $25 per year which is honestly a very low amount.

As mentioned before, you can use Next Vacay for the first 30 days as a new user. But just remember to cancel your subscription before the 30 day trial run is over.

Otherwise, they will start to charge you automatically from the next month.

Next Vacay Refund Policy

Now, Next Vacay does not have a foolproof refund policy mentioned on the website. However, upon researching, I found out that they have a 6 monthly money back guarantee.

If you believe that Next Vacay is useful and did not get your money’s worth in return. Then you can simply ask for a refund.

You can ask for a 6 months refund for whatever reason you can think of. But they will only return half the fees if it’s a year.

Next Vacay Customer Satisfaction

While writing this review, I found that people have various opinions on Next Vacay. Some of them include:

Trustpilot has a pretty good score on Next Vacay based on 700+ reviews bordering on full marks. With their 4.2/5 ratings, people seem to like the platform and its offers. They like the fact that there is no middle man to handle and offers are pretty good.

TripAdvisor as you know is a credible source of reviews and for Next Vacay is no different. They have a specific forum for this website and people have reviews ranging from great to alright. People seem to think the low subscription fee is a plus but some offers were not feasible.

Next Vacay Alternatives

Next Vacay is not revolutionary and there are similar websites available for help.

Scott’s Cheap Flights: They send notifications on your phone and inbox to remind you of cheap deals. They charge $49 annually which might be higher than Next Vacay but some people think they are good.

Thrift Traveler: As the name suggests, Thrifty Traveler is for travelers on a budget. They have a daily newsletter with all the offers available for that day. Thrifty Travelers also help to use credit points to pay for your tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Does Next Vacay also cover hotels fees, cruises, or resort fees?

Ans: Unfortunately, Next Vacay only covers flights for the time being. The reason is that since they find you the cheapest deals, you can focus more on hotels, etc. The cheapest deals will save you more money to spend on meals and accommodations.

Q2# Do I have to search for the offers and deals myself on Next Vacay?

Ans: Nope! Next Vacay does that for you and you just have to wait for their emails. As soon as they get a great deal you will be sent an email to see. They made it like this so that you don’t miss any deals.

Q3# Will I get deals every day for the whole year?

Ans: Next Vacay does not want to flood your inbox with unnecessary emails. So if you plan a vacation on the site you will be sent 2-3 emails per week. Until your flight that is and the deals will be best suited to your specifications.


To end this review, is Next Vacay worth it? Is Next Vacay legit? Well, to answer both questions, it’s yes and yes.

It can be worth it if you are constantly looking for ways to travel cheaper. Through this, you can save more on flights and spend on other stuff like hotels.

Cons include Next Vacay not being helpful all the time, not all deals will interest you. I mean you wouldn’t want to spend $900 on a deal to Europe, amirite? But it’s still worth a shot.

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