Is Rat Race Rebellion Legit or Scam? (Rat Race Rebellion Reviews)

With the worldwide pandemic going on, it’s been increasingly beneficial to work from home. Flexible timings are being demanded more than ever from traditional 9-5 office timings.

If you have spent time looking for such jobs, then surely you have come across Rat Race Rebellion. They aim to provide information and openings for work from home jobs and side gigs.

But when you look for jobs like these, you will find all sorts of scams. So, to eliminate those, I will answer your question ‘Is Rat Race legit?’ shortly.

Rat Race Rebellion Review

Rat Race Rebellion is one of those sites that claim to dedicate information about legit jobs. Jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home and with flexible timings.

Founded in 1996 by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren, it grew increasingly popular among the American mass. They connect users to different companies and gigs where you can look for opportunities.

Apparently, around a million users log into Rat Race Rebellion every day to look for job opportunities. They are so popular that they have been featured in media like Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, etc.

Is Rat Race Rebellion Legit?

I know you guys are waiting for this moment and here it is.

Rat Race Rebellion is legit and a great tool to use for lucrative job offers. Good work from home jobs are hard to come by but Rat Race Rebellion helps you with them. They are perfect for those who are tired of the rat race of the corporate world.

Now that it’s been established they are legit, let’s focus on their features.

How Does Rat Race Rebellion Work?

The great thing about Rat Race Rebellion is that you neither need a membership fee nor a sign-up. Upon entering the site you will find blog posts about different job opportunities around you.

The blog posts can feature side hustles and freelance work offers from home. You can browse through those content or take a peek at their job listings.

The job listing page is a great database of all the offers currently going on. You can filter them out and look for specific opportunities.

Who Can Use Rat Race Rebellion?

Well, Rat Race Rebellion is perfect for anyone willing to work from home and wants flexible timings. This can be a good resource to find work that can pay for simple bills or even hobbies.

Pay is not that great since most of the job listings say minimum to moderate pay. If you want exclusive jobs which pay six figures, then Rat Race Rebellion might not be for you.

But many people have managed to build up their resumes through Rat Race Rebellion. They would start off small but many found success with better job offers from companies.

Rat Race Rebellion Job Types

There are millions of job types at Rat Race Rebellion from part time to full time. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Content Writer
  • Editor
  • Telemarketer
  • Content Creator
  • Freelance Writer
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Social Media Manager
  • Online Tutor
  • Proof Reader
  • Transcriber

Rat Race Rebellion User Satisfaction

Rat Race Rebellion has people talking about its pros and cons all over the internet.

SiteJabber is still conducting reviews and building up their score, currently which is average. But what I observed was that they are generally satisfied with their experience at Rat Race Rebellion. They like the opportunities and appreciate the ways they can think about making money.

Reddit usually posts authentic reviews straight from the horse’s mouth, aka users! They said that the website is legit in the sense that the jobs exist. But it is kind of hard to land any of the jobs so you have to keep on trying.

Rat Race Rebellion Alternative

Even though Rat Race Rebellion is quite helpful to search for jobs, there can be other options.

  • FlexJobs: This is another work from home jobs search website where you can find many offers. They however charge a subscription fee which might be a con but people say are worth it. Listings over there are mostly verified so you can rest assured they are legit.
  • Avenica: Now people who are looking for jobs straight outta college, check out Avenica. They have both work from home and traditional job opportunities listed there. They help you get jobs at entry-level which are perfect for amateur job seekers.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1# Can everyone around the world use Rat Race Rebellion?

Ans: Unfortunately, Rat Race Rebellion is only available for USA residents. Since it’s impossible to cater to people worldwide with millions of jobs for different people. Residents have to be over 18 to sign up for the website.

Q2# Is every job offers at Rat Race Rebellion vetted for legitimacy?

Ans: Yes, Rat Race Rebellion claims to screen every job listing to ensure they are legit. They do not post Google ads for such reasons. Having said that, they encourage users to also not blindly trust any listing and do their own research.

Q3# Does Rat Race Rebellion sell materials to land a job from the site?

Ans: Rat Race Rebellion has great resources and materials to help you to invest your time. You can buy their book ‘Work at Home Now’ to learn more about their techniques. To learn about identifying scams, you can check out their posts on social media.


I think now you have a clearer idea of the question ‘Is Rat Race Rebellion legit?’ They are unquestionably a legit platform to look for remote work.

The website can be a great tool to look for some side hustle or even your day-to-day job. Considering they have a huge selection of job listings from different industries.
They also keep their websites updated and the best part is it’s absolutely free for everyone. Overall,

I would say they barely have any cons and there’s nothing to lose.

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