Is ROMWE Legit or Scam? (ROMWE Reviews)

Do you follow the trends? Don’t you just wonder how it would feel, if you could dress yourself like the influencers and tiktokers are doing?

No need to wonder anymore! ROMWE provides everything you need and the things you never thought you needed!

Through ROMWE you can dress yourself any way you desire! With the flow of trends, holidays, events and what not!

But is ROMWE legit? Let’s learn it here!

ROMWE Review

ROMWE is the cyber mall that pledges to serve the next generation with trendy fashion!

In 2010, ROMWE started its journey and in the next year they became an international clothing site. They earned global users about 5 millions by 2016. Just imagine, only 6 years of journey and that much love!

They keep the subculture in mind while designing products for the next generation. They are always updated with the trends going on among the youngsters!

However, since 2016 the users never stopped increasing. By 2021 it had grown to 50 million!!!

Huge, right?

Since they started their journey, they did not stop investing efforts on this site. They kept gathering users and kept growing stronger.

Is ROMWE Legit?

I want to happily inform you that ROMWE is a 100% legit brand. The strong evidence of ROMWE’s legitimacy is their recognition. ROMWE is such a recognized and appreciated brand that it won the Newsweek Award for America’s Best Trending Online Shop 2021 in Fashion and Accessories.

ROMWE Products

Mentioned earlier that ROMWE’s focus is on the next generation, so their product collections are based on that generation’s preferences.

They organized their products for both girls and boys. They have all kinds of clothes for all kinds of moods.

For girls, they kept skirts, t-shirts, lingeries, pants, cardigans, tops, denim jeans, shoes, sneakers and more. In the jewelry section, there are necklaces, earrings, bracelets, thigh chains and some more other accessories.

There are other products like makeup, skin care, room decors, phone cases, stationeries etc are also available.

For guys, there are shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sets, denim jeans, pants, jackets, shorts, shoes and other many more types of clothes.

For guys also, there are socks, phone cases, room decors, stationery items and other accessories like chains and rings.

They organized their collections based on different personalities as well. There are goth, anime, fairy grunge, punk rock, sweetness, cyber lover etc for your best look!

Moreover they have a graphic section. Where they have anime, Smurfs, Fortnite, Pepsi, Call of Duty, Pink Floyd, horror, music, galaxy and more for both girls and boys!

It doesn’t end here! You will find cute clothes and accessories for your adorable pets as well!

ROMWE Products Price

You know what’s exciting???

Their prices start from only US$1!

Just imagine, you can even find things that cost only $1 and that too in this aesthetic cyber mall!

They keep their price range very affordable to serve all kinds of customers.

You will find super trendy and saucy clothes, shoes and accessories under US$60!

They provide discounts of up to 20%. And if you shop here for the first time, you can get an extra 10% off! In their clearance sales you will get up to 70% off!

ROMWE Shipping Policy

ROMWE has a very cheap shipping fee.

They also provide FREE shipping if your order cost is eligible for their requirements.

The shipping charge and shipping days both depend on the shipping method you choose.

They take around 4-5 days to process the order and delivery, which does not get included with the shipping time.

They accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Afterpay and also Klarna for payments.

ROMWE Return Policy

For US customers, the first return label of each order is completely FREE.

There are two ways for you to return your products, USPS and UPS. In the USPS returning system, you have to drop off your product in your nearest post office. And in the UPS returning system, you have to drop off the products at the nearest UPS Store.

You will get 60 days to decide whether you want to keep the products or return them. You can return products with a full refund.

Note this:
Lingeries, swimwears, jewelry, skin care products, free gifts and products that are marked “non-returnable” cannot be returned. Also the returned products have to be unworn and unwashed.

They do not refund the shipping charges. However they return the refund money within 7 days in your account or in the ROMWE Wallet.

ROMWE Customer Feedback

ROMWE has many registered users that they regularly serve with their products. Let’s take a look at how they feel about ROMWE.

In Sitejabber, customers have expressed both kinds of reactions, satisfied and unsatisfied. The people who were primarily unsatisfied had problems with the service. But the other reviewers who were satisfied wrote that the prices are nice and the products are also nicely made for the prices. The rating of ROMWE in this reviewing site is 3.08, an average.

In Trustpilot, the rating of ROMWE is poor. They rated ROMWE 2.3. Though some people had complaints about the quality and service, many customers were satisfied with the purchase. In some reviews as well they wrote that ROMWE is legit as they received their orders accordingly. Some also appreciated the cheap prices of the products.

ROMWE Alternatives

  • Rosewe: This online clothing brand started their journey right after ROMWE did. They
    serves their customers elegant and modern clothes for all kinds of occasions and
    dailywear. However they only serve women. They provide discounts up to 40%.
  • Shein: This brand also started its journey after ROMWE. Their target is to bring fashion into the future. They also look forward to empowering women with their fashionable products. They have products for men, women and kids. Shein provides discounts up to 50%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Does ROMWE steal your information?

Ans: ROMWE does not steal your information. They assure your privacy and lets you choose the types of cookies you want to block or allow while using their website.

Q2# How is ROMWE quality?

Ans: According to all the reviews and analysis, ROMWE provides products that are lower quality but as per the prices, they are perfect! They keep it trendy and affordable for all.

Q3# Is ROMWE safe for credit cards?

Ans: ROMWE is absolutely safe for credit cards. ROMWE does not ask for the full information of your credit card. So nothing to worry about.


So if you are looking forward to dressing yourself kicky, I suggest you ROMWE!

They are perfect to dress you the way you desire at affordable prices! Can’t deny that some customers expected more. But most users assured that according to the prices, ROMWE has a good deal!

And of course, ROMWE is legit, so you can give it a try!

And I can cross my heart and say that the products will make you want to give it a try!

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