Is Summersalt Legit or Scam? (Summersalt Reviews)

How about receiving $10 only by referring a friend to an amazing swimwear brand? Yes, you heard it right! And it does not stop here, Summersalt is here to give you more fantastic offers!

Despite the numerous online retailers that offer bathing suits, Summersalt is standing as one of the most popular companies offering such fashion essentials.

Summersalt is an incredible swimwear and apparel brand for women, famous for its motto “Every Body is a Summersalt Body.”

But no matter how amazing this brand may sound, one question remains unanswered. Is Summersalt legit? Today is your lucky day because I am going to help you find its answer through this review.

Summersalt Review

Summersalt is popular a casual wear, activewear, and swimwear brand for women, founded in 2017. It was founded by Lori Coulter and Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin, and is headquartered in the United States.

Summersalt is a brand that utilizes recycled resources to produce apparel and packaging for its products. Their recycled apparel is made superior which has a UPF of 50 so that you can stay under the sun for many long hours!

For the past 5 years, Summersalt has been providing travel and fashion essentials for summer and fall, so that you feel cozy during your journey and look fashionable as the season shifts. They have been offering the finest designer quality at the lowest cost!

Is Summersalt Legit?

We have gone through a review of the swimwear brand. So now comes the important part, whether Summersalt is actually legit or a scam.

Is Summersalt all talk but no action? Well, Summersalt is absolutely legit! The business and its exclusive designs have been standing out for several years now. It is a vastly well-known brand with a high level of customer brand recognition.

What’s more, their fit has been successful in facing the field of ease and confidence. This is because Summersalt has taken a total of 1.5 million measurements from around 10,000 women who represent real body shape and size.

Summersalt Products

Summersalt offers a vast collection of elegant bikinis, cover-ups, one-pieces, and tankinis. They also offer seasonal fashion apparel which you can buy as the seasons continue to change.

The apparel category includes dresses, coats, pajamas, gloves, hats, jackets, joggers, and leggings.
The Summersalt swimwear is really supportive and made with the best material. Their products display a variety of hues and aesthetics on various body shapes and skin tones.

Now let us have a look at their prices.

Summersalt Product Price

Summersalt products, which are of high quality and in a variety of colors and sizes, are offered with affordable pricing to make your spring and summer delightful!

All swimwear, cover-ups, and one-pieces are available from $20 to $130. Their clothing prices are from $30 to $190, and their pajamas range from $60 to $130.

What’s more, their discounts include 30 to 60% off for Summersalt swim styles! This is for all Summersalt bikinis, cover-ups, dresses, jumpsuits, one-pieces, and shorts.

Summersalt Shipping Policy

Summersalt orders are shipped in almost all the countries in the world. They have 3 shipping methods which are, ground shipping method by DHL & USPS, next-day shipping method by FedEx, and 2-day shipping method also provided by FedEx.

Summersalt orders are required to be placed on weekdays by 11 AM CST. If an order is placed on weekends, it will then be processed as quickly as possible at the start of the upcoming weekday. But do keep in mind that FedEx does not deliver orders during holidays or the weekends.

Sometimes Summersalt divides your order into several shipments in order to deliver your order to you sooner. So do not worry if all your items are not received on the same day. You are of course free to contact them for updates on your order.

International shipping is of two types for the UK, the EU, and Canada. Those are Express International Shipping and Standard International shipping. But for the rest of the countries, only Express International Shipping is offered by Summersalt.

Lastly, international orders are not eligible for free shipping promotions.

Summersalt Return and Exchange Policy

Summersalt accepts returns as long as the returned item is sent back within 30 days from the date of delivery. Keep in mind that the returned item should be unused and in its original state including the tags.

Final sales such as bralettes, underwear, face coverings, towels, and engraved items cannot be returned or exchanged. Products of sale can be exchanged, but not returned. And international orders are not eligible for exchanges.

In case of instant exchanges, Summersalt will not be able to cancel or change your item’s shipping method. Also, only U.S customers are eligible for making exchanges. Again, the exchange is accepted within 30 days from the date of delivery.

Note that international returns are not free. Return shipping will cost you $20, and Summersalt will deduct this amount from your total amount of refund.

Summersalt Customer Feedback

The customer satisfaction of Summersalt is vastly controversial! Some review sites show a majority of

satisfied customers, while others reveal a high number of unsatisfied customers. Here is what I found:
Trustpilot has a rating of 2.7/5, which shows that most of the customers were unhappy with their Summersalt experience.

On the other hand, Knoji shows a rating of 4.4/5, which is a great Summersalt review in general.
Overall, the Summersalt customers loved the trendy designs of the brand, and were really happy with their high-quality products and affordable pricing. But some customers complained about the unsatisfactory return policy and customer service of Summersalt.

Summersalt Alternatives

If you are looking for more swimwear brands to fill up your summer wardrobe, then here are some alternatives to Summersalt with similar products.

  • Andie: Andie is also a swimwear, activewear, and casual wear brand founded in 2016. It is headquartered in the United States, and aims to promote the looks and styles of all the real women out there. The brand has researched the perfect swimsuits for women, and offers understandable fit guides similar to Summersalt.
  • Albion Fit: Albion Fit is another swimwear brand similar to Summersalt, and was launched in 2013. The brand has delivered its products to a total of 50 states and more than 100 countries throughout the world. Like Summersalt, Albion Fit offers various amazing one-pieces and two-pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Are Summersalt swimsuits true to size?

Ans: Yes, they are! You can follow your regular size, but check the Fit Guide by Summersalt to avoid choosing the wrong size by chance.

Q2# Are Summersalt swimsuits worth it?

Ans: Yes, they are! Summersalt is the perfect choice for you if comfy and high-quality styles are what you seek. Thanks to Summersalt’s return policy, you will be able to try as many designs as you can until you find the right one.

Q3# Are there any rules for Summersalt promotional codes?

Ans: Yes, there are. For each Summersalt order, only one promo code can be used. And if your order is eligible for more than one promotion throughout the site, the promotion with the highest value will be offered to you.


Having looked into this fantastic swimwear brand, it can definitely be said that Summersalt is 100% legit!

You can have access to various swimwear and apparel with beautiful designs and patterns which can make you feel cheerful and confident!

So, if you are looking for a new trendy swimsuit for your summer and spring holidays, then head right over to Summersalt!

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