Is TBdress Legit or Scam? (TBdress Reviews)

If you are someone who loves to socialize and attend parties, you need a lot of outfits. And here comes TBdress to save the day from repeating old outfits.

TBdress is an online retailer which specializes in inexpensive clothing options, mainly party wear. If you are not willing to spend a fortune every time you shop, then TBdress is for you.

But what makes TBdress special? Is it really worth the hype and appeal? Most importantly, is TBdress legit?

TBdress Review

Where did TBdress originate from? TBdress is an online retailer of fashion based in Mainland China. They are specifically based in Beijing and all products are shipped from there.

According to my research, TBdress started around 2010 and since then has been running strong. They focus on wedding and prom dresses and promise to send every item carefully made.

They sell wholesale as well as individual pieces should you require just a few items. TBdress operates in over 230 countries and claims to have sold over 10 million products worldwide.

Is TBdress Legit?

While prices at TBdress seem incredibly inexpensive and worth it, it’s important to keep in mind. Is TBdress actually legit or just another way to trap us?

Well, I have good news and that is: TBdress is legit and has been in business for years. When you browse through TBdress, you can select thousands of designs and get them delivered to your doorstep. So far, people have been mostly positive about this retailer and they hope to please you too.

Now that I have managed to put your mind to rest, let’s move on to their products.

TBdress Products

TBdress updates its inventory every single day with thousands worth of products. They mainly focus on big event dresses such as weddings and proms and you can shop by category.
You can also shop by styles and trends such as long dresses, short ones, bodycon, and even jumpsuits. As mentioned, a big focus is on special-wear so you get to shop a lot of wedding dresses!

Special-wear also includes shoes, accessories, and even party favors. You would be pleased to know that apart from that you can also get electronics, bedding, and menswear.

TBdress Product Price

TBdress is rose to popularity because of its prices, let’s face it. Not everyone has the coins to shop for luxury and so people are attracted to stores like TBdress.

You can find outfits at reasonable prices starting at $20 only and I’m talking about elaborate gowns. Prices hardly ever go above $60 for gorgeous gowns and dresses, tops and others are cheaper of course.

If you want to cut down on spending even more, you can sign up for their memberships. That way you can get to know all about their discounts and promotions for students and others alike.

TBdress Shipping Policy

Shipping and delivery policies are important parts of every online store on the internet. Here, at TBdress comes out very strong with their shipping rules.

TBdress ships to nearly 230 countries worldwide from almost every part of the world and counting. You have to wait for a while though depending on your delivery destination, 10 business days at best.

They have 3 types of shipping available at their store, super saver, standard and expedited shipping. Supersaver is the cheapest with a minimum waiting time of 15 days and maximum of 25 days.

TBdress Return Policy

TBdress also tries to honor any returns you have lest you are displeased with your order. But you need to get permission from TBdress in order to make a return, that’s their rule.

You have to keep evidence of your return in hand and might have to justify your return. If satisfied, they will promptly start processing your return within 48 hours and with return instructions.

Returns have to be made within a specific time frame, of about 30 days for ready stock. While customized orders like wedding gowns and prom dresses will only get about 7 days to make returns.

TBdress Customer Satisfaction

TBdress customer satisfaction varies between very good and bad, depending on the person.

According to Trustpilot, the score is 1.5/5 out of 800+ customers, meaning experiences are generally bad. Reviews told me that the quality of products, shipping process, and refund approvals was subpar. Some people did not even receive their products and complained the company was a total scam.

Site Jabber on the other hand has a good score of 4.23/5 based on 7000+ reviews. However, there is a disclaimer that many of the reviews were in exchange for discounts and promotions. Still, when it comes to online wedding dress shopping, TBdress comes in first at Site Jabber.

TBdress Alternatives

You do not need to fret if you are not fully satisfied with TBdress. You can still check out these two websites with similar products and features.

  • Modlily: Modlily is another place where you can shop to your heart’s content with amazing pricing. They are also based in China with millions of orders being shipped every day. They offer everything from dresses to shoes and accessories.
  • Bellelily: If you are into cheap dresses to keep up with trends, you can look into Bellelily. They are always super trendy and stylish but you don’t have to break bank to shop from them. Multiple offers and discounts are available for you to enjoy while shopping at Bellily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Does TBdress do custom-made dresses?

Ans: Yes! If you want altered dresses like lengthening or shortening height, sleeves, or waist, you can do it. All you have to do is contact them via email and they will handle the rest.

Q2# Is there a signup bonus for customers at TBdress?

Ans: Once you sign up for TBdress membership, you can avail discounts up to $80 the first time. If you are a student you can get further discounts on Student Bean.

Q3# What kind of payment methods are available at TBdress?

Ans: You can use cards, bank transfers, and Paypal to pay for your purchases. According to users, Paypal is the safest and easiest way to deal with payments.


So, upon completing my investigation on TBdress, I finally could answer the question. Is TBdress legit?

The answer is yes, TBdress is legit but not without faults though. The store offers competitive prices and many options of items.

But the quality leaves much to be desired. Still, at this pricing, you get what you pay for. So, do your own research before taking the leap!

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