Is Thirdlove Legit or Scam? (Thirdlove Reviews)

“You deserve to look & feel great every day” – This is what Thirdlove believes.

Sometimes women can choose bad undergarments, which makes them feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable feelings make you hesitant. Well, to remove this feeling Thirdlove always serves you the best!

Thirdlove is the women’s undergarment and lingerie brand that awaits to make you feel like yourself and ensures your comfort!

But let’s take a moment and find out the answer to your question, “Is Thirdlove legit?”

Thirdlove Review

The owner of Thirdlove understands you. Heidi Zak and Ra’el Cohen are the confounders of Thirdlove who intends to serve you with bras that love you back!

They didn’t want to be typical by only giving designing the products either sexy or comfortable. So they combined it and manufactured such products that come as your third love.

This brand was founded in 2013 in San Fransisco, USA. Since then, this brand is working hard to make your body feel confident and sheltered.

Along with the online store, they have outlets in San Fransisco and Los Angeles as well.

In its entire journey, Thirdlove has donated over $50 million of products to date!

Is Thirdlove Legit?

Okay, let me clarify its legitimacy without any hazy words.

Thirdlove is entirely legit. Along with the physical stores, they also have some partners that can work evidently and assure your secure shopping. Thirdlove partners with renowned organizations like I Support the Girls, Good360, St. Anthony’s, and SoulsforSoles.

Thirdlove Products

Thirdlove’s products are made with a central focus on customers. They want the customers to be comfortable in their bras.

The sizes, colors, materials and fabrics all are chosen to give the customers the best! They use exceptional elastic, foam cups, and underwire that will never poke you to make the bras better.

They claimed that their number one bra is T-shirt Bra, that supports and smooths your body just the way you deserve. This bra was sold to over 10 million women!

They also have strapless, wireless, sports, plunge, lace, full coverage, unlined and many more! They have 78 different sizes of bras that you can choose from.

However, they have underwear, shorts, robes and leggings as well.

Thirdlove Products Price

The products of Thirdlove sell themselves. However, the prices of this brand are not considered cheap.

The least you have to pay to get a Thirdlove product is around $42. Their price range is US$42 to US$85.

They have designed sets of their products so that you can buy more at a cheaper rate.

And of course, they have discounts for you! If you shop there for the first time, you will get 15% off!

They have time-to-time regular sales as well. If your purchase costs $150, you get $20 off. And if you spend $250, you get $50 off!

It doesn’t end here:

If you are a student you can get 15% off using the student code! And if you are a medical professional, veteran, teacher or in the military, YOU also get a 15% off!

Thirdlove Shipping Policy

On the website, you will find all the answers regarding the shipping policy. Still, let me help you briefly with the key points.

On all of your domestic orders, they charge a standard shipping fee of only $5.99. Outside the USA, they only ship to Canada. And the shipping cost is $9.99.

And guess what? If you purchase more than $100, you will get FREE shipping! They also ship FREE via FedEx Ground when the orders cost more than $500.

Your delivery time will depend on your location. It takes approximately 3 to 10 business days to deliver the orders. You can ask them to deliver soon, but you have to pay more.

The shipping charge is not refundable.

Thirdlove Return Policy

They are also generous about their return and exchange policy. If you don’t like the product or want to exchange it, you can do that for FREE! They have a request option, where they provide free return labels as well.

You can return or exchange your products within 60 days. The products that are worn or damaged cannot be returned. The final sale products cannot be returned as well.

You have to keep the tags attached to have a successful return and exchange.

If they confirm your orders as returnable or exchangeable, they will provide you Instant Credit. If you cannot find the desired products in return or exchange they will provide you Instant Credit Refund.

However, the exchange policy is only eligible inside the USA.

Thirdlove Customer Feedback

It is seen above that Thirdlove is very generous to customers and a dedicated brand. Now let’s take a look at what the customers have to say about it.

In Sitejabber Clients mainly discussed their good quality products. They were satisfied with the sizing, attractive designs, and comfortable material. They also loved the service they received while figuring out their fits. Here, the rating of Thirdlove is 4.58.

In contrast, the customers who reviewed Trustpilot, have shown both satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Customers have loved their products and styles. They also praised the comfortability of the products. But some of the customers have complained about Thirdlove’s service while returning. The customers rated Thirdlove with 2.2 stars.

Thirdlove Alternatives

There are many more shops that are undergarment-focused shops. Let me suggest you two here.

  • Cuup: This brand manufactures bras that are soft, strong and luxurious. They adore the
    natural forms of you, for which they make their products comfortable like Thirdlove. They also have different size variations and styles to empower the real you. And they provide discounts up to 75% depending on your purchase!
  • Pepper: This brand widely works for small bras. They respect diversity and target to remove the struggle of cup gaps. Just like Thirdlove, this brand also wants women to feel confident in their skin and body. Their price range is also similar to Thirdlove’s.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Is Thirdlove bras worth it?

Ans: Thirdlove bras are considered worthy to most of the customers. Most customers praise the quality, comfort and sizing of this brand. So if you want to invest money in good products, you can try Thirdlove.

Q2# Where can I buy Thirdlove bras?

Ans: Thirdlove’s website is open for you 7 days a week. You can also visit their outlets in San Francisco, SF Bay Area, Los Angeles and Newport Beach to get your items. You can find the detailed address on their website.

Q3# How long do Thirdlove bras last?

Ans: Thirdlove bras have great quality. But still, Thirdlove suggests changing the regular wear bras from six months to a year for hygiene purposes.


I think Thirdlove is perfect to be your first love! Give it a chance!

Their quality products and concern for your body make them a reliable brand you can trust. Its generous and attractive discounts are engaging enough to lock you in with them as well.

So try it out yourself and remember no need to worry about relying on it. Because Thirdlove is legit.

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